Ambulatory Component of the Internal Medicine Clerkship

Since 1993, the Internal Medicine Clerkship at Yale has included a one-month rotation in ambulatory care. Students are placed in medical offices to care for patients and achieve greater clinical competence under the supervision of experienced faculty. This website is designed to serve both students and supervising faculty.

The Department of Medicine recognizes that the care of hospitalized patients is a key skill for general internists or subspecialists whose responsibility to the patient must not stop at the onset of severe illness.  With the Ambulatory Component of the Internal Medicine Clerkship, however, the Department has established a balanced curriculum that includes instruction in the distinct skills required for the care of patients who do not require hospitalization and patients who have been discharged to resume life in their communities.  The Curriculum in Ambulatory Care will improve students' preparation for practice in internal medicine itself and other specialties that interface with it.  Very importantly, it will also help students acquire a more accurate understanding of modern internal medicine within our current health care systemempty.

Students, please read: