Minority Resident & Fellow Resources


The Yale Minority Housestaff Organization (MHO) is an organization dedicated to creating a supportive and fecund environment for minorities throughout the Yale-New Haven Hospital System. Members include medical residents, fellows, and other health care trainees.

Diversity at Yale-New Haven Hospital

Yale School of Medicine Office of Multicultural Affairs


Yale-New Haven Medical Center, Yale School of Medicine and the Yale Department of Medicine have a long history of supporting equality for sexual minorities. Long before Connecticut recognized same-sex marriage in 2008, Yale was a leader in equal benefits and recognition for same-sex couples. Our environment is a welcoming place for LGBTQI+ trainees, faculty and their partners and allies. There is a diverse and well-connected community throughout the University and the New Haven area.  As Rolling Stone magazine wrote in 2001, “Yale University, in New Haven, Connecticut, has always been at the forefront of gay campus culture: What happens there tends to occur at other campuses a few years later.” We pride ourselves on the diversity of our Department's training programs and we welcome the opportunity to connect applicants with LGBTQI+ trainees.

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Diversity Upcoming Events

Under-Represented Minorities Dinner

Thursday, January 25th, 2018 (6:30pm-10pm)

By invitation only

Honored Guests: URM Candidates for Residency Training at Yale

Location: The Graduate Club, 55 Elm Street, New Haven

Hosted by: Dr. Inginia Genao, Y-NHH GME Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

For more information contact Karen May in the GME Office.