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Yale Visiting Program for Students Underrepresented in Medicine (YVPSUM)

Photo by Robert A. Lisak
The Yale Visiting Program for Students Underrepresented in Medicine (YVPSUM) was inaugurated in 2017. It offers an opportunity for URM medical students to spend four weeks in a medicine elective at Yale New Haven Hospital's York Street or Saint Raphael campuses (five minutes apart by shuttle). This program immerses the participating students in clinical medicine and exposes students them to clinical and research faculty, medical students and residents and Department and Residency program leadership. Moreover, the students participate in Yale and New Haven community activities and other social engagements. Eligible students include fourth-year medical students in good standing who are enrolled in a U.S. LCME accredited allopathic institution (enrolled in a medical degree granting program) and who are from URM groups. These groups include Hispanic (Mexican, Chicano, or mainland Puerto Rican), other Hispanic (Cuban, Dominican, or other), Black/African-American (not of Hispanic origin), Native American, or Asian Pacific Islander.


The visiting student electives available for this program are listed below and are listed on the AAMC Visiting Student Application System (VSAS) website in the 2019-20 catalog. Each elective is approximately four weeks in duration. For detailed elective descriptions of the 12 medicine electives listed below that we offer visiting students, please visit Yale School of Medicine/Medical Education at Yale/Visiting Student Electives. See "Program Details" below for Yale elective rotation dates.

IMED 306: Internal Medicine Allergy and Immunology Elective
IMED 302: Internal Medicine Cardiology Elective (YNHH)
IMED 309: Internal Medicine Endocrinology Elective
IMED 307: Internal Medicine Gastroenterology Elective
IMED 211: Internal Medicine Hematology Elective
IMED 315: Internal Medicine Hepatology Elective
IMED 319: Internal Medicine Nephrology Elective (YNHH)
IMED 301: Internal Medicine Medical Intensive Care Elective (MICU)
IMED 320: Internal Medicine Occupational & Environmental Medicine Elective
IMED 322: Internal Medicine Oncology Inpatient or Outpatient Elective
IMED 323: Internal Medicine Pulmonary Elective (YHHH)
IMED 325: Internal Medicine Rheumatology Elective

Scholarship & Housing

Scholarship: The Yale Visiting Program for Students Underrepresented in Medicine is offering a scholarship to U.S. medical students eligible and approved to participate in the program. The YVPSUM scholarship will pay up to $1500 to assist in travel and lodging while students rotate in an Internal Medicine elective at Yale New Haven Hospital and participate in the program. Scholarship funds are provided in the form of a check to visiting medical students after their medicine elective rotation at Yale ends.

Housing: The program does not offer housing for visiting medical students approved to participate. After you are approved to participate, the program will send you a list of housing resources so you may secure housing for yourself in New Haven, Conn.


This program is available to:
  • Fourth-year medical students
  • Students who have completed all core clinical clerkships before participating in the program (YVPSUM)
  • Students who are in good standing in a medical school at a U.S. LCME accredited allopathic institution (are enrolled in medical degree-granting programs).
  • Students from groups underrepresented in medicine, specifically Hispanic (Mexican, Chicano, or Mainland Puerto Rican), Other Hispanic (Cuban, Dominican, or other), Black/African-American (not of Hispanic origin), Native American, or Asian Pacific Islander.

This program is NOT available to medical students in the following categories:
  • Attend or are graduated from non-U.S. medical schools
  • Attend medical schools that are not LCME accredited by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
  • Foreign medical students on an F-1 Visa who attend U.S. medical schools
  • Are not from groups underrepresented in Medicine

Program Details

The program (YVPSUM) is offered during 12 of the 13 AY2019-20 Yale School of Medicine elective blocks rotation dates. Block 1 (6/17/2019 thru 7/14/2019) the program is not offered. You’ll have the option of choosing the Yale AY2019-20 elective block rotation dates you prefer when you submit your VSAS application to Yale for a clinical medicine elective.

Application Process and Requirements:

  • Applicants must meet all the eligibility criteria listed above to apply to the program (YVPSUM).
  • The Yale VSAS (AAMC Visiting Student Application Service) opened January 2019 to all visiting medical students who wish to apply for visiting student elective rotations during the AY2019-20 beginning in June 2019.
  • All students from U.S. LCME accredited allopathic institutions wishing to visit Yale SOM for a clinical elective during the AY2019-20 are required to apply using the AAMC Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS).
  • We suggest you apply to more than 1 of the Internal Medicine electives listed above.
  • The AAMC VSAS application fee is $40.
  • For AY2019-20, the program (YVPSUM) will waive the Yale School of Medicine $200 application processing fee for those students who're approved and confirmed to participate in the program.

After you submit your VSAS application, please email Dr. Inginia Genao, Director of the Yale Visiting Program for Students Underrepresented in Medicine, that you have…

  • Submitted your VSAS application to the Yale School of Medicine, Internal Medicine ___________________ Elective AND…
  • That you are interested in participating in the Yale Visiting Program for Students Underrepresented in Medicine during your Yale medicine elective rotation

NOTE: All students will be notified by email about the status of their application to the program (YVPSUM).

Accessibility Assistance:

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