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Welcome New Postdocs, Postgrads, and Clinical Fellows in the Section of Digestive Diseases (September 2023)

September 19, 2023

The Section of Digestive Diseases is pleased to welcome the following new postdocs, postgrads, and clinical fellows (July 2023 through September 2023).

Postdoctoral Associates/Fellows

Armaan Saith

Young-Ri Shim

Dongmei Wu

Postgraduate Associates/Fellows

Grace Bronner

Fallyn Kirlin

Yuan Pu

Clinical Fellows

Daniela Goyes

Christopher Gromisch

Ysabel Ilagan-Ying

Swathi Krishnan

Louis Levine

Shreyak Sharma

Welcome to the Department of Internal Medicine and Yale School of Medicine!

Since forming one of the nation’s first sections of hepatology and then gastroenterology over 50 years ago, Yale’s Section of Digestive Diseases has had an enduring impact on research and clinical care in gastrointestinal and liver disorders. To learn more, visit Digestive Diseases.

Submitted by Serena Crawford on September 19, 2023