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Ostomy Nurse

The Ostomy Nurse is certified in all aspects of ostomy care. The Ostomy Nurse  meets with patients and their families pre and post operatively to discuss ostomy surgery. The Nurse provides support regarding  the stoma site, the changes the surgery presents to activities of daily living and body image, and the management of the ostomy and supplies. The IBD Center offers a weekly Ostomy Clinic where patients can meet with the Ostomy Nurse individually.  Appointments can be made by calling 203-785-4138.

For Appointments

40 Temple Street,
First Floor, Suite 1A 
New Haven CT, 06520

Tel: (203) 785-4138
Fax: (203) 737-1345

I tell my patients that having an ostomy should not stop a person from doing anything they enjoyed before surgery; golf, rock climbing, swimming, intimacy even skydiving!

Lucinda Pinchot