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Colon Cancer Program

The GI familial and hereditary cancer program is part of the larger Smilow Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program. This state-of-the-art program was established three years ago. The Program is the health care home for individuals and families with familial and hereditary cancer syndromes. It brings together different resources, clinical programs, and the CLIA-certified Yale DNA lab. The Program incorporated the pre-existing genetic counseling service into this much larger, physician-lead program.

The Program sees about 3,000 new patients a year in the entire Yale New Haven Health system and St. Francis campuses. Over 800 are familial or hereditary GI Cancers. Dr. Allen Bale is the scientific Director of the Program and he also directs the CLIA-certified Yale DNA lab that provides genetic testing support. Susan Chmael, APRN specializing in cancer prevention, supports the Program and plays a key role in patient follow up, care coordination, and cross referral to the different YNHH preventive services (i.e: Metabolic Health and Weight Loss Program, Smoking Cessation Program,...).

Finally, a team of genetics counselors includes:

  • Karina Brierly, Chief Genetic Counselor
  • Claire Healy, Genetic Counselor, Network Operations
  • 5 Genetic Counselors within YNHH
  • 2 Genetic Counselors for the St. Francis Program run by the Smilow Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program
  • Research Assistant in charge of the research registry
The Program holds weekly seminars and case conference and has a key role in the educational activities of different training programs at Yale and soon in collaboration with BayPath University as well.