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Autoimmune and Cholestatic Liver Disease Program

The Yale Autoimmune and Cholestatic Liver Disease Program (YACLDP) consists of dedicated experts and support staff committed to cutting-edge care and innovative research to patients with disorders including Autoimmune Hepatitis (AIH), Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC), and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC).

In the YACLDP, the care and management of patients with these disorders is integrated with the breadth of Yale’s expertise in patient care, education, and clinical and laboratory research. Since its origins Yale Digestive Diseases has sustained a 50-year tradition of excellence in liver research and patient care, and continues to bear a national and international influence on the study and treatment of liver disorders. As a partner of the Yale Liver Center (YLC) — one of only four NIH-sponsored liver research centers in the United States— it is the only center in Connecticut that offers comprehensive patient care for individuals with autoimmune and cholestatic liver disease.


Dr. Boyer, Dr. Assis and Dr. Silveira are also active members of the Yale Liver Center, a world-class NIH-funded research center, and actively conduct a number of novel clinical and basic science research studies in this field. Further, the Yale program is a key organizer of the North American Consortium for Autoimmune Liver Disease.

Examples of recent clinical projects include a pilot study of a new drug for the treatment of PSC and a study evaluating the relationship between psychological stress and inflammation in AIH.

For more information about the Yale Autoimmune and Cholestatic Liver Disease Program, please call 203-737-6060 or email Diane Giordano