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Sonos 7500, Philips Medical

Sonos 7500, Philips Medical

  • Cardiac & Vascular Calculation Packages
  • Live 3D Echo
  • Live xPlane Imaging
  • Color Doppler, Color Angio & Colorization
  • Fusion Harmonic Imaging
  • Contrast Imaging
  • Spectral Steered PW & CW Doppler
  • Lateral Gain Control (LGC)
  • M-Mode
  • Cine and Zoom/RES (ROI)
  • ECG
  • High Resolution Non-Interlaced Monitor
  • The system is equipped with omniplane 3D, 15MHz, 12MHz, 8MHz, and 3MHz probes
  • This system has been modified with incorporation of an AFLink board and associated software that permits capture of raw RF beamformed 3D images frames.

iE33 Philips Medical

  • Color Doppler and CW/PW Doppler
  • Tissue Doppler and Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Live 3D and Stress Echo
  • 3DQ Quantification
  • Cardiac & Vascular Clinical Option
  • Contrast Imaging with Improved LVO & LVO Tissue Specific Application
  • Panoramic Imaging
  • Strain-Q
  • Live xPlane
  • Netlink/DICOM 3.0 Connectivity
  • Integrated DVD-RW/CD-RW drive
  • This system is equipped with 2 matrix array probes; 1) S5-1 transducer, and 2) X7-2 phased array transducer.
  • This system has been modified with incorporation of an AFLink board and associated software that permits capture of raw RF beamformed 3D images frames.

Component 2

Mouse UltraSound Imaging Core (MUSIC)

Principal Investigator: Lawrence Young, MD

For more information, please download our introductory overview or the Visual Sonics Model 2100 brochure.

Visual Sonics Model 2100

  • Superior resolution and image uniformity through entire field of view
  • 30 micron resolution
  • Superb B-Mode (2D) imaging for anatomical visualization and quantification, with enhanced temporal resolution with frame rates up to 740 fps (in 2D for a 4x4 mm FOV) , and enhanced image uniformity with multiple focal zones (included in base package)
  • M-Mode for visualization and quantification of wall motion in cardiovascular research, single line acquisition allows for the very high-temporal (1000 fps) resolution necessary for analysis of LV function
  • Anatomical M-Mode for adjustable anatomical orientation in reconstructed M-Mode imaging; software automatically optimizes field of view for maximum frame rate
  • Pulsed-Wave Doppler Mode (PW) for quantification of blood flow
  • Color Doppler Mode for detection of blood vessels including flow directional information and mean velocities; as well as for identification of small vessels not visible in B-Mode
  • Power Doppler Mode for detection and quantification of blood flow in small vessels not visible in B-Mode; increased frame rates allow for significantly faster data acquisition
  • Tissue Doppler Mode for quantification of myocardial tissue movement; for example in assessing diastolic dysfunction
  • Vevo MicroMarker® Nonlinear Contrast Agent Imaging – for quantification of relative perfusion & molecular expression of endothelial cell surface markers; enhanced sensitivity to Vevo MicroMarker contrast agents as linear tissue signal is suppressed
  • 3D-Mode Imaging for anatomical and vascular visualization, when combined with either B-Mode, Power Doppler Mode or Nonlinear Contrast Imaging; allows for quantification of volume and vascularity within a defined anatomical structure
  • Nonlinear Contrast Imaging
  • VevoStrain™ Analysis software for cardiac research
  • Advanced measurements & quantification