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Laser Doppler Imaging System (moorLDI2-IR™ Moor Instruments)

Main Features

  • Employs a 2mW near infra red laser scanning beam
  • In fast scan mode the time for 256 x 256 scan measurements is about 5 minutes.
  • Default upper bandwidth of the signal (Doppler frequency shift) processor is 15kHz, so that in fast scan mode the range of red blood cell speeds that contribute to the recorded image is about 0.075mm/s to 6mm/s.
  • In slow mode, the system can detect very low flows (0.01mm/s to 6mm/s).
  • 12bit A/D in the signal processor plus amplifier gain settings of x4 and x16 which enables the accurate imaging of these very low flow areas in slow scan mode.
  • The near infrared beam has good remittance (return of the laser light from the tissue to the detectors in the imager) for both white and dark skin.

Laser Doppler Imaging System

If you are interested in reserving the Laser Doppler Imaging System please check the calendar to verify its availability.

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