Lawrence Young

Bio Profile

Lawrence Howard Young, MD

Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) and of Cellular And Molecular Physiology

Vice-Chair, Department of Medicine

Research Interests

AMP-Activated Protein Kinases; Apoptosis; Cell Survival; Diabetes Mellitus; Glucose Transporter Type 4; Insulin Resistance; Myocardial Ischemia

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Young Lab

Key areas of our research are the molecular & cellular mechanisms regulating heart (metabolism in cv disease), autocrine-paracrine pathways (modulating cardiac cell signaling and function), and metabolic signaling pathways in atrial fibrillation.  Processes under investigation include: regulation of heart metabolism/function; AMPK protection against solid organ ischemia; JNK pathway in reperfusion injury; cardiac autocrine/paracrine factors; MIF CD74 signaling; novel myocyte autocrine proteins; atrial fibrillation; and LKB1 role in cardiac growth and remodeling.


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