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Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment; Aneurysm; Aortic Aneurysm; Aortic Diseases; Aortic Valve; Aortic Valve Stenosis; Biomedical Technology; Cardiomyopathies; Cardiovascular Diseases; Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures; Diseases; Early Diagnosis; Health Care; Heart Diseases; Industry; Molecular Biology; Molecular Imaging; Molecular Probes; Optical Imaging; Peripheral Vascular Diseases; Positron-Emission Tomography; Radioactive Tracers; Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography Computed Tomography; Technology; Tomography, X-Ray Computed; Vascular Diseases

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Sadeghi Lab

The ultimate goal of research in our Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging Laboratory is to develop novel imaging approaches to detect the molecular pathobiology of the vessel wall in vivo. Our comprehensive approach includes several components. Through basic vascular biology research we identify relevant molecular processes and potential targets for imaging (and therapeutics). Next, we use the state of the art technology to develop novel tracers targeted at relevant molecular markers, and establish molecular vascular imaging protocols in animal models of human disease. Finally, we exploit these techniques to further advance vascular biology and clinical research. We have made significant progress towards achieving these goals in the past few years. Specifically, we have focused on vascular remodeling, as the prototypic pathological vascular process shared by many vascular diseases, including atherosclerosis, graft arteriosclerosis, post-angioplasty restenosis, and aneurysm formation.


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