Jeffrey Bender

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Jeffrey Bender, MD

Robert I. Levy Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) and Professor of Immunobiology

Associate Chief, Cardiovascular Medicine, Internal Medicine

Director, Yale Cardiovascular Research Center, Internal Medicine

Research Interests

Cardiology; Endothelium; Immune System; Inflammation; Macrophages; RNA Stability; T-Lymphocytes

Clinical Interests

Cardiovascular Diseases

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Bender Lab

My laboratory has had a longstanding interest in inflammation and immunity, as they relate to vascular physiology and pathology. The interactions between mononuclear leukocytes and endothelial cells play major roles in atherogenesis, acute and chronic manifestations of atherosclerosis, angiogenesis and allograft rejection. We have extended these studies to evaluating effects of ovarian steroid hormones on endothelial function. The work is performed at the cellular, molecular, and pre-clinical animal model levels.


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Jeffrey Bender

Jeffrey Bender, MD

Robert I. Levy Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) and Professor of Immunobiology

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