Advanced Fellowship Training

Advanced fellowship training refers to the one or more years of focused training in a specific area of cardiology, in addition to the core two-year required foundation in general cardiology. Training is available in a variety of clinical and research areas and is tailored to the goals and skills of each fellow. The tracks listed below represent common sequences of training, but modifications can be made if approved by the Program Director. Please download application for advanced training here.

Cardiac Imaging (Dr. Judith Meadows, Director)

The goal for this track is for individuals to attain expertise in at least one imaging modality (Level III), advanced exposure in the other modalities, and to gain appropriate investigative skills for a career in academic cardiology. Training will take place at both clinical sites (Yale New-Haven and the VA). In general, two years of training is recommended. The fellow will identify a research mentor and project, to be conducted over a one to two year period. The particular structure of the training sequence will vary, depending on the goals of the trainee.

Heart Failure/Transplantation (Dr. Daniel Jacoby, Director)

This ACGME-accredited track is appropriate for individuals who wish to pursue academic careers in heart failure and transplantation. In addition to level 3 training in heart failure, fellows will identify a research mentor and project, to be conducted over a 2-year period.

Clinical Electrophysiology (Dr. Lynda Rosenfeld, Director)

This ACGME certified program will formally increase to 2 years in length in 2017 and will have as an entrance requirement completion of a 3 year fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine. At the completion of this program individuals will achieve level 3 training in electrophysiology and will be eligible for ABIM board certification in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology.

Interventional Cardiology (Dr. Joseph Brennan, Director)

This is a one-year ACGME-accredited program that is performed upon completion of a three-year fellowship in Cardiovascular Disease. Individuals will achieve level 3 training in interventional cardiology, and be eligible for ABIM board certification in both Cardiovascular Disease and Interventional Cardiology.

Structural Interventions (Dr. John Forrest, Director)

This is a one-year fellowship program designed to provide advanced training in interventions in structural heart disease (e.g. TAVR, etc). This program includes intensive laboratory procedural experience as well as inpatient and outpatient care exposure. Individuals will obtain advanced training in these structural interventions, following completion of a previous coronary interventional cardiology fellowship.

Peripheral Vascular Interventions (Dr. Carlos Mena, Director)

This is a one-year fellowship designed to provide expertise in peripheral vascular interventions and medical therapy. This is usually completed following a three-year core cardiology fellowship, but can be completed as part of an intensive third-year core fellowship training experience. Fellows will be involved in all aspects of peripheral vascular disease care, including intensive procedural exposure, outpatient evaluation, inpatient management, and non-invasive imaging.