Inpatient Care

Within the 24 months of core clinical training, nine months are dedicated to clinical consultative (non-laboratory) responsibilities. These experiences include the YNHH and VACT Consult services (five to six months), the YNHH CCU service (two to three months), and the YNHH Heart Failure and Transplantation (one to two months). 

These rotations comply with the ACGME requirements and ACC guidelines for the clinical core experience. Each rotation is structured in a similar fashion, with the fellow working under the direct supervision of a cardiology faculty member. In each rotation, the fellow is responsible for initially evaluating patients and formulating recommendations for treatment. This initial evaluation is then discussed with the attending, who makes the final evaluation and treatment recommendations. Medical residents and/or medical students may be present on any of these rotations as well. 

The trainee is expected to provide comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s cardiovascular illness in a prompt and concise manner, formulate a prioritized differential diagnosis, and outline the evaluation. The trainee should be able to enter a clear and legible document in the patient’s record. The trainee should be able to communicate their evaluation in a clear and concise manner to the attending physician as well as to other members of the health care team. Interactions with colleagues and allied personnel should be conscientious, respectful, responsible, punctual and appropriate. The trainee must exhibit humanistic qualities when interacting with patients and their families and demonstrate integrity, respect and compassion.

Inpatient Rotations

  • YNHH and VACT Consultative Services 
  • YNHH Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) 
  • YNHH Heart Failure and Transplantation
See pages 5 and 6 of  the complete brochure for more on these rotations.