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The Fellowship Program consists of the following curricula elements:

The program is designed to provide a high level of clinical training. Each rotation provides opportunity for the fellow in management of acutely and chronically ill patients, observation of and participation in therapeutic interventions, and teaching of medical students, residents, and colleagues. 
Within the 24 months of core clinical training, nine months are dedicated to clinical consultative (non-laboratory) responsibilities. These experiences include the YNHH and VACT Consult services (five to six months), the YNHH CCU service (two to three months), and the YNHH Heart Failure and Transplantation (one to two months). 
The program provides clinical training in the following areas: cardiac catheterization (four months), electrophysiology (two months), and imaging (seven months).
The goals of the ambulatory experience are to provide exposure to out-patient cardiology practice, including both consultative and continuity experiences, to provide a means for clinical follow-up of patients recently discharged from the hospital.
The program provides sufficient experience for the fellowsto acquire key technical and procedural skills.
The educational goals are achieved through the Cardiology Core Curriculum which includes an introductory summer series of didactic lectures during the first two months of each year and subsequent didactic lecture series throughout the year covering a variety of topics in Cardiovascular Disease.
The monthly conference schedules are maintained and distributed by the Fellowship Office, posted and sent electronically to all fellows and faculty.
Cardiology trainees take an active role in both the clinical and basic science research within the Section of Cardiovascular Medicine.
Advanced fellowship training refers to the one or more years of focused training in a specific area of cardiology, in addition to the core two-year required foundation in general cardiology.

Fellowship Training Program Curriculum