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Core Laboratory Analysis and Committee Management

Over the last two decades, Dr. Lansky and her staff have been involved in the core laboratory analysis of hundreds of clinical trials. The team has contributed to the development and validation of analysis tools and methodology for multiple imaging modalities.

YCRG also manages Clinical Events Committees and Data Safety Monitoring Boards to generate standardized outcomes data and oversee the ethical conduct of ongoing trials at the highest level of quality.

Angiographic Core Laboratory

The Angiographic Core Laboratory (ACL) provides independent quantitative and qualitative assessment of coronary, peripheral, neurovascular, and venous angiograms using validated endpoints.

Echocardiographic Core Laboratory

The Echocardiographic Core Laboratory provides state-of-the-art echocardiographic imaging interpretation and analysis, with extensive experience in the evaluation of echocardiographic measures for national and international multicenter clinical trials, including the assessment of cardiac structural and valvular morphology and function in a wide range of interventions.

Intravascular Imaging Core Laboratory

The Intravascular Imaging (IVI) Core Laboratory provides state-of-the-art intravascular imaging interpretation and analysis, including the latest technologies in intravascular ultrasound, optical coherence tomography, and near-infrared spectroscopy. The IVI team has extensive experience in the analysis of validated endpoints, as well as the development of novel analysis tools and metrics for the assessment of diagnostic and therapeutic intravascular technologies.

Physiology Core Lab

The Physiology Core Laboratory uses commercial and customized software solutions for high-quality and accurate assessment and interpretation of pressure-wired based epicardial coronary indices such as fractional flow reserve (FFR) and non-hyperemic pressure ratios (iFR, RFR, DFR, DPR, dPR), doppler and thermodilution coronary flow data, microcirculation indices, and computational processing of physiology based on angiographic (QFR, FR), intravascular ultrasound (UFR), and optical coherence tomography (OFR) images.

ECG Core Laboratory

The Electrocardiography (ECG) Core Laboratory provides standardized qualitative and quantitative analysis of this pivotal diagnostic test. The ECG Core Laboratory provides analytic measures critical to the evaluation of acute myocardial infarction in the context of clinical trials.

Wound Core Lab

The Wound Core Laboratory provides standardized assessment of wound severity, dimensions, and healing to meet regulatory requirements for pivotal trials of peripheral arterial disease treatments.

Clinical Events Committees

YCRG offers clinical events committee organization and implementation to independently adjudicate clinical events, conforming to regulatory requirements within single- or multicenter, national or international clinical trials. YCRG works with trialists experienced in the full spectrum of cardiovascular disease who are familiar with contemporary scales and definitions common to a variety of drug and device clinical trials.

Data Safety Monitoring Boards

YCRG organizes and implements comprehensive data safety monitoring boards (DSMBs) to ensure the ethical conduct of clinical trials to protect the rights and safety of enrolled patients. This includes documentation of all committee meetings and providing administrative and communication support between the sponsor, contract research organization, biostatistics, and DSMB members.