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Cardiac and Vascular CT Core Laboratory

The Computed Tomography Core Laboratory (CTCL), supervised by Dr. Judy Meadows, provides standardized qualitative and quantitative analysis of this pivotal diagnostic test.


The CTCL has expertise in the analysis of CT imaging (standard and contrast-enhanced angiography) of the heart, aorta, great vessels, and peripheral vessels. Parameters include qualitative and quantitative evaluation of:

  • Anatomy and morphology,
  • Plaque burden and characteristics, and
  • Calcification.

In addition to standardized and reproducible core laboratory analysis, the CTCL can also develop customized per-protocol CT acquisition and analysis plans, and develop and validate device- or procedure-specific surrogate endpoints.

The CTCL is currently providing core laboratory analysis for two ongoing multicenter trials of novel percutaneous devices.


The CT Core Laboratory includes a trained reader and a physician over-reader. All methods have been developed and validated using standardized methods. The CTCL has passed numerous vendor-initiated audits.