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We are embedded within the Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Public Health, and are an integral part of the education of medical students, public health students, and internal medicine/cardiology trainees.

Our team is active academically, giving Grand Rounds and presentations at national and international meetings.

Discussing Health Equity in Connecticut

Dr. Oyere Onuma and Dr. Erica Spatz of Yale New Haven Hospital discuss the significant disparities that are seen in economincally disadvantaged and racially diverse communites locally and nationally. Outcomes discussed include life expectency and cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular Health for Women

The Patient Revolution and Yale Cardiovascular Medicine

Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine through a 20/20 Lens

Erica S. Spatz, MD, MHS, is a cardiologist and a clinical investigator at the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE). Her clinical and research interests include the development of individualized approaches to preventing and managing cardiovascular disease, along with tools to help patients become more active in their healthcare decisions.

Update on ASCVD Risk Assessment and Management

Nanette Wenger, MD, from Emory University School of Medicine, provides updated information on the comparative clinical effectiveness of prescription omega-3 fatty acids, including how to decide on strategies to reduce ASCVD events.

Managing Chronic Disease During COVID-19: Views From the Middle East and Africa

Watch a Managing Chronic Disease During COVID-19: Views From the Middle East and Africa mini course for NCD Academy with panelists Mohamed A. Sobhy, MB, ChB, FACC; Oyere Onuma, MD, MSc; and Habib Gamra, MD. Learn more about the NCD Academy by visiting