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Heart Failure & Transplant

Directed by Daniel Jacoby, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, in collaboration with Abeel Mangi, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, the Advanced Heart Failure program provides a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to patients with advanced heart failure. This includes optimization of advanced heart failure medical management, use of cardiopulmonary exercise testing to determine prognosis, and evaluation for advanced therapies such as short-term and long-term mechanical support platforms and cardiac transplantation. 

The Center also offers a destination LVAD Program that provides long-term mechanical circulatory support to patients otherwise ineligible for heart transplant. Yale is the only center in New England participating in the ROADMAP Study that is examining the use of mechanical circulatory support earlier in the disease process in patients otherwise ineligible for heart transplant. The Syncardia Total Artificial Heart as a mechanical circulatory support platform is also available to appropriate individuals. In 2011 Yale performed 16 transplants and 19 LVAD implantations and our heart transplant survival and post LVAD rates are among the best in the region.

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We participate in all cardiac diagnostic procedures that involve medical evaluation and care, including metabolic stress testing, left and right heart catheterization and myocardial biopsy.  In addition, we collaborate with radiologists specializing in cardiology to provide non-invasive imaging studies, such as PET, CT, MRI and 2D and 3D electrocardiography.  Our team also evaluates both acute and sub-acute cases in the outpatient cardiac clinic adjacent to Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH).