Oncology Program

Modern cancer therapy offers the greatest chance to patients to beat their cancer, however, some of the established therapies are associated with cardiac toxicities. Similarly, some of the new, targeted chemotherapeutic agents can affect heart function or the electrical conduction system of the heart. The Cardio-Oncology Program at Yale School of Medicine was one of the first programs in the nation developed to address the unique cardiovascular problems faced by patients with cancer and focuses on three important areas:

  1. Addressing the cardiac complications of cancer as well as the cardiac complications of cancer therapy,
  2. Treating patients with coexisting heart disease and cancer, and
  3. Providing presurgical and prechemotherapeutic cardiovascular risk assessment.
The Cardio-Oncology Program provides both inpatient consultative services and outpatient evaluations in the Multispecialty Clinic of Smilow Cancer Hospital. Working closely with oncologists, the members of the Cardio-Oncology Program help to develop diagnostic and therapeutic plans aimed at providing the greatest protection to the heart while simultaneously supporting the optimum cancer therapy for a patient. 

Information for Patients

Known risk factors for cardiotoxicity from certain chemotherapeutic agents include age over 65 years, pre-existing heart disease, exposure to multiple cardiotoxic agents or radiation therapy. For patients with risk factors for cardiotoxicity, further cardiac evaluation and treatment may be important. Please call 203-785-7867 to schedule an appointment.

Information for HealthCare Providers

In addition to the consultative services described above, the Cardio-Oncology Program is pleased to offer cardiovascular services for treatment trials, including patient evaluation and evaluation/interpretation of cardiac studies in patients enrolled in clinical trials. Please call 203-785-7867 to request a consult or for additional information.