Each Friday morning, an Allergy and Clinical Immunology Seminar Conference is conducted. Presentations consists of basic or clinical immunology, to related fields with overlap in immunology. In addition, there are case presentations and literature review by the fellows, as well as guest speakers. We have a strong commitment to instruct fellows in the art of communicating the knowledge that they have to others. As we are training people who expect to spend a lifetime in academic medicine, we feel it is very important that our fellows learn how to communicate. 

In addition, it is often the case that the best way to learn is to teach. Thus, several of our conferences are given by the fellows. While it is their responsibility to prepare their remarks, one of the faculty carefully helps them organize the flow of ideas and instructs them in the making of good teaching slides so they will learn how to use audiovisual aids appropriately. 

After the presentation the faculty critique the performance and in this fashion educate the fellows as competent scientific communicators. Opportunities to teach medical students, fellows in other specialties, nurses, and even occasionally to present at postgraduate seminars, are afforded to our fellows.