Leadership Directory


Name Title Phone
Dr Gary V Desir Chair, Internal Medicine 785-4119
Dr Vincent Quagliarello Vice Chair, Education and Academic Affairs 785-5644
Dr Lynn Tanoue Vice Chair, Clinical Affairs 785-4129
Dr Lloyd G Cantley Vice Chair, Basic Research 785-7110
Dr Robert Soufer Vice Chair, Clinical Research 937-3882
Dr Michael Kozal   Vice Chair, Veteran Affairs 932-5711, ext 4412
Dr Lawrence Young Vice Chair, Faculty Affairs 785-4102

Post Graduate Education and Training Programs

Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program
Name Title Phone
Dr Benjamin Doolittle Program Director 785-7941
Dr Jaideep Talwalkar Assoc. Program Director 709-3888
Barbara Wanciak Manager, Residency Programs 785-6963
Internal Medicine, Primary Care Residency Program
Name Title Phone
Dr John Moriarty   Program Director 789-4237
Dr Tracy Rabin   Assoc. Program Director 680-1598 
Dr Stephen Holt   Assoc. Program Director, Ambulatory 680-4348
Barbara Wanciak Manager, Residency Programs 785-6963
Internal Medicine, Traditional Residency Program
Name Title Phone
Dr Mark Siegel Program Director 785-7113
Dr Jane Andrews Assoc. Program Director, Ambulatory 688-6970
Dr Geoffrey Connors Assoc. Program Director 785-6359
Dr Seonaid F Hay Assoc. Program Director 937-4918
Dr Manisha Juthani Assoc. Program Director 785-4140
Dr Alfred Lee Assoc. Program Director 737-7059
Barbara Wanciak Manager, Residency Programs 785-6963
Investigative Medicine Program
Name Title Phone
Dr Joseph E Craft Program Director 785-7063
Dr Eugene Shapiro Deputy Director 688-4555
Pamela Fucci Registrar 785-6842
Yale Affiliated Hospitals Program
Name Title Phone
Dr Silvio E Inzucchi Program Director 785-2479
Tracy Crosby Program Coordinator 785-2479

Subspecialty Sections & Programs Program Chiefs

Name Title Phone
Dr Eric Velazquez  (Section Chief) Cardiovascular Medicine 785-4129
Dr Harlan Krumholz  (Director) Clinical Scholars Program 737-1717
Dr Lorne Laine  (Interim Section Chief) Digestive Diseases 785-7312
Dr Robert S Sherwin  (Section Chief) Endocrinology 785-4183
Dr Patrick O'Connor  (Section Chief) General Medicine 688-6532
Dr Carrie Redlich  (Director) Occupational & Environmental Medicine 785-5885
Dr Matthew Ellman  (Director) Yale Internal Medicine Associates 785-7411
Dr Mary E Tinetti  (Section Chief) Geriatrics 688-5238
Dr Asghar Rastegar  (Director) Office of Global Health 737-2078
Dr Erol Fikrig  (Section Chief) Infectious Diseases 785-4140
Dr Merceditas Villanueva  (Director) AIDS Program 688-6959
Dr Stefan Somlo  (Section Chief) Nephrology 737-2974
Dr Naftali Kaminski  (Section Chief) Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine  785-5877
Dr Insoo Kang  (Interim Section Chief) Rheumatology, Allergy & Clinical Immunology 785-2454