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Faculty Support

Faculty Mentorship Program

Photo by Harold Shapiro

The goal of this program is to foster successful academic career development of the faculty in the department. The program was instituted to provide guidance and feedback on the progress and performance of the ladder track junior faculty. Senior faculty mentors help junior faculty to set appropriate goals for their research, clinical and educational programs. The mentoring program for academic year 2021-2022 includes:


  • Meetings with a designated senior faculty mentor.
  • Section-wide review of junior faculty progress by senior faculty.
  • Review of mentoring reports by section chief or senior faculty designee (such as the section clinical or research chief).


  • Mentoring committee if requested by the junior faculty person, mentor, or section chief. This committee would consist of 2-3 senior faculty, from within or outside the section, to provide additional guidance. If convened, it would meet prior to the annual meetings of the section’s senior faculty and section chief.
  • Meeting with a member of the Department Appointments & Promotions Committee, if requested by the junior faculty, mentor, or section chief. These meetings should preferably take place two years prior to the anticipated date of application for promotion.
Visit Faculty Resources for more information on the program, along with guidelines and requirements.

Advancement of Clinician-Educator Scholarship (ACES) Program

The Advancement of Clinician-Educator Scholarship (ACES) Program is a year-long faculty development program is aimed to provide clinician-educators with the knowledge and skills to complete scholarly work through a dedicated curriculum and personalized mentoring. Clinician-educators in their first five years on faculty in the Department of Internal Medicine who are interested in developing scholarship and dedicated to attend a year-long program are encouraged to apply.

Accepted scholars will attend seminar/interactive group sessions on Thursday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. following Department of Internal Medicine Grand Rounds. Additional time to carry out individual scholarship and to participate in dedicated mentoring will need to be provided by the applicant’s section with a total of 0.2 FTE needed to participate.

Review the ACES Program Overview for more information on the program.

Additional Faculty Resources

The Department of Internal Medicine and Yale School of Medicine have many programs to support faculty. Visit the links below to learn more.