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Markus Bögner

Postgraduate Fellow

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Markus Bögner


Markus Bögner is a Postgraduate Research Fellow and 4th-year medical student from Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany. Before beginning his medical studies, Markus dedicated 15 months to voluntary service with severely disabled people in Jerusalem, Israel. Following this, he pursued vocational training to become both a surgeon's assistant (CTA) and anesthesiology assistant (ATA). Markus serves as a research assistant in the research group led by PD Dr. Felix Hohendanner at the German Heart Center of Charité. His research focuses on understanding the biochemical and electrophysiological aspects of secretome-related drivers of arrhythmia development, particularly in patients with atrial cardiomyopathy. As a Postgraduate Research Fellow in the Akar Lab, he will focus on mitochondria-targeted gene therapies for arrhythmias.

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