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Appointments & Promotions Committee Facilitates Faculty Success

March 28, 2023

The Department of Internal Medicine A&P Committee’s formal duties include reviewing and making recommendations on all faculty appointments and promotions. As Peter Aronson, MD, C. N. H. Long Professor of Medicine (Nephrology) explains with a broader perspective, the committee also serves an important department function in helping to guide faculty development. “Everybody in our department has outstanding qualities,” Aronson said. “Our job is to facilitate people succeeding through the system, in some cases by giving recommendations on how their accomplishments, commitments, and future trajectory could better align with specific track requirements. The idea is to match up our fabulous faculty to the most appropriate track that fits their activities and enables them to be successful and find professional fulfillment.”

Fellow A&P committee member Lori Bastian, MD, MPH, professor of medicine (general medicine) and section chief of general internal medicine at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System, underscores the caring nature of the committee. While some people might see the committee as a gatekeeper to the next level, that is not the case, Bastian explained. “The most rewarding aspect of the work is giving faculty feedback about how they get to yes,” she said.

Committee member Michal Rose, MD, professor of medicine (medical oncology) and director of the VA Comprehensive Cancer Center in West Haven, enjoys learning about the wonderful projects faculty are undertaking. “Reading their resumes, publications, and letters of support is really inspiring and makes me proud to be part of the department and YSM,” she said. Rose also enjoys getting to know her A&P colleagues, who represent different career pathways, fields of medicine, and points of view on the department and the school.

The idea is to match up our fabulous faculty to the most appropriate track that fits their activities and enables them to be successful and find professional fulfillment.

Peter Aronson, MD

One of the most rewarding aspects of being on the committee for Rachel Lampert, MD, Robert W. Berliner Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), is the opportunity to see the expanse of her colleagues’ achievements and to participate in the broader goal of helping careers flourish. “I enjoy being part of a process that keeps our community a thriving place,” she said.

Aronson, Bastian, Rose, and Lampert all note the dedicated and wise leadership of committee chair Lawrence Young, MD, professor of medicine (cardiology) and vice chair for faculty affairs, who guides the committee in a thorough evaluation process as it also adapts to changes in the academic tracks. Young emphasized his appreciation for all the work and time that his committee members generously contribute to help their younger colleagues advance. “They provide constructive feedback to each section’s leadership and faculty, while also making recommendations to the department’s senior faculty who vote on the applications for promotion,” he said. “The committee is comprised of extremely thoughtful individuals who are committed to providing a fair assessment of each faculty member’s unique contributions.”

Other current members of the A&P Committee are Gary Désir, MD; David Fiellin, MD; Terri Fried, MD; Richard Marottoli, MD, MPH; Margaret Pisani, MD, MPH; Deborah Proctor, MD; and Albert Shaw, MD, PhD.

Submitted by Serena Crawford on March 28, 2023