Application Review and Interview Process

The Admissions Committees will start to review applicant files a few days following the application deadline through January. The committee will create a list of top-ranked applicants to be invited, at our expense, for a four-day visit to the Yale campus. The selected applicants will be invited to arrive on Thursday February 20 and depart on Sunday February 23, 2014. Highly qualified applicants residing in other countries and for whom a visit would not be possible will be interviewed by phone or internet (e.g., Skype).

In general, if you have not received an interview invitation by February, it is unlikely that you will be invited to Yale or be admitted. Applicants who are not selected for an interview will receive a letter which states that no further action will be taken on their application by the Committee on Graduate Admissions and Policy.

Immunobiology Graduate Program

The research in Yale Immunobiology focuses on the molecular, cellular and genetic underpinnings of immune system function and development, on host-pathogen interactions, and on the development of new treatments for human disease, particularly those related to immune dysfunction