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The research in Yale Immunobiology focuses on the molecular, cellular and genetic underpinnings of immune system function and development, on host-pathogen interactions, and on the development of new treatments for human disease, particularly those related to immune dysfunction 


Required Documents

Letters of Recommendation (required)

Three letters of recommendation are required. Please be sure that you ask for a recommendation from at least one individual who can address your potential for original and creative research. In most cases, that individual would be the person in charge of or guiding your most recent research activities. It is very important that you contact your recommenders before submitting their information in the online application. You must choose whether or not you waive your right to see a recommendation before you submit the recommender's information. Some recommenders may not submit a recommendation if you have not waived the right to see it. This should be discussed in advance.

All recommendations must be submitted using the online application system. Yale Graduate School’s online application requires that your letter writers submit their recommendations electronically. You should check with your recommenders and obtain their institutional e-mail address. E-mail addresses from domains other than ".edu" may be subject to additional screening and filtering. Once entered in your online application, an automatic e-mail will be sent to your recommender. Recommendations submitted by your recommenders are automatically appended to your application whether you have or have not submitted your application. We do accept letters of recommendation from credential management/dossier services that can be uploaded directly into our online Recommendatiom System by the credentials management/dossier service. Please check with your service to see if they have that ability.

We are not able to accept letters by e-mail or mailed to us in paper form as those letters cannot be incorporated into your electronic application file.