Olga Spadaro, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate in Comparative Medicine

Departments & Organizations

Dixit Lab


My phD research started with the study of thyroid organogenesis, in particular the mechanisms upstream the specification of the thyroid primordium.
The importance of the thyroid as an endocrine organ and a major player in regulating metabolism drew my attention towards this field and towards the inner mechanisms regulating metabolic dysfunction.
I then joined Vishwa Deep Dixit lab as a post-doc associate in 2013, my research here is focused on unraveling the immune-metabolic interactions taking place during aging-associated chronic diseases and metabolic dysfunctions.
I have demonstrated that the ablation of the GH-IGF1 somatotropic axis, with the deletion of GH-R signaling, protects against the sterile inflammatory cascade through inhibition of the NLRP3 Inflammasome complex in aging.
Also, myeloid-specific ablation of the IGF1R signaling alters the host adaption to diet-induced obesity exacerbating the metabolic dysfunction through a reduction of adipose specific M2-like signatures.
My future goal is to understand how caloric restriction impacts immune-metabolic interactions by alteration of specific gene signatures and metabolite availability, leading to mechanisms dictating healthy aging.

Education & Training

PhD University of Naples, Italy (2013)
BS University of Naples, Italy (2007)

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