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Daniele Parisi

Postdoctoral Associate

Contact Information

Daniele Parisi


Scientist by education, communicator by personal inclination, team player by sportive experience and highly socially engaged by professional aspiration.

My curiosity about the molecular bases of pharmacology and the chance to supervise other students highly motivated me through my PhD in Bioinformatics.

In parallel with my research I joined extra activities aimed at maximize the impact of my professional figure within the scientific community. Among these, I contributed to connect students and scientists in our community by leading a professional network and organizing scientific events at national and international level.

Pharmaceutical sciences, specifically drug discovery and repositioning, remain the leitmotif of my career plans.

I am willing to contribute to the advancement of people knowledge, with a high and meaningful social engagement in any way, shape or forms, such as communication, dissemination, teaching, coaching and mentoring.

Departments & Organizations