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Scheduling Cell Sorting

Scheduling sorts cannot be done via the Internet.

To book your sorting experiment, please contact the sorter operator from the list below. To save time, please download and send information about Biosafety and your Cell Sorting Experiment.

Location Phone Email
TAC Aria-A (S617) (203) 737-2891
TAC Aria-B (S633) (203) 737-4715
Aria at Amistad (203)785-2299
Aria at 300 George Street (203)737-7452
Aria at LEPH (203)737-5959

  • You must have a brief discussion with cell sorter operators about your experimental design (e.g. the fluorochromes being used, diagrams of the cell populations, amount of sorted material expected, and sorting regions desired). If you do not, your appointment may be canceled without notice. This is required to optimize the usage and set-up of the cell sorters.
  • Booked experiment will be displayed under the user's name in Yale Flow Scheduling and can be viewed using VPN connection
  • Users are not allowed to cancel online.
  • In case of delay or cancellation, notify cell sorter facility personnel as soon as possible by phone or e-mail.
  • Users who cancel their sort less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time will be charged for their entire scheduled sort time.
  • Individuals who cancel sorts with < 24 hrs notice on two occasions will not be able to reserve or use the machine for two weeks and if they repeat after this, they will forfeit the right to reserve or use the sorters.
  • Anyone can fill cancellations at any time without these restrictions being in effect.
  • If the above prevents you from doing an experiment and you need an exception, please contact Flow Cytometry Facility Director Dr. Ann Haberman.