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Scheduling Flow Cytometry analysis

  1. New users should contact for booking their reservations through The following information is needed and should be provided by e-mailing
    • Principal Investigator's Name
    • User's Full name and e-mail address
    • COA (number for charging purposes) with expiration date
    • User ID and Password of your choice (up to 15 characters, case sensitive)
    • The same password will be used to log in to FACStations.
  2. There is 24/7 access (no key required) to the Flow analyzers in TAC and room 105 at Amistad; card reader access is required for the 300 George St. room 2320H.
  3. A single person cannot sign up for more than 8 hours per week of "prime time" on the cytometers (i.e. no more than 8 hours total). Prime time is Monday-Friday 12N-6PM. An unlimited amount of time may be reserved out of "prime time." No more than 4 hours of "prime time" should be reserved in any single block. If more than 4 hours of time is needed, individuals are encouraged to sign up so as to start before "prime time" or end after it, or use the weekend time. Please contact Diane if your experiment requires more than the allotted four hours of prime time per day for special permission.
  4. Users will be charged for the greater of time scheduled or actual time used on the cytometers.
  5. If you are not going to be able to make a scheduled time you must delete the event from at least 3 hours before the scheduled time.