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COVID-19 Policies

YFCF return to normalcy

Effective July 6th 2021

All staff will be on site full time for in-person support.

All cytometers in TAC S613 are accessible full time.

Occupancy limits in room 2320 H in 300 George St will be lifted and the Symphony B and Aria cell sorter will be both accessible full time.

Similarly, room occupancy limits will be eliminated for TAC 533 and Amistad 103.

Researchers are welcome to enter into rooms with cell sorters and engage staff operators at the instrument.

Training sessions for the Amnis Imagestream can then be scheduled.

Some researchers may not have used cytometers for over a year, refresher sessions for people are highly encouraged. Please contact to obtain a copy of the relevant training video(s) and/or schedule a one-0n-one sessions with staff.

Some steps taken during the Pandemic have proven to be very helpful and will not change.

Zoom and Teams software will remain on the cytometer computers. At the analyzers, this will allow collaborators to easily observe and comment on sample parameters remotely. Similarly, for some people this has also proven advantageous during operator-assisted cell sorting.

The training videos that were created for LSRII, Symphony, CytoFlex and Sony operation have proven to be very helpful. Training for these instruments will now be a combination of independent video viewing and shorter in-person sessions.

Steps that will be taken at a future date:

-the LSRII currently named TAC6-GS will be returned to TAC S533 in order to expand access to the Sony SH800 for trained self-sorters at a later date TBD.