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  • To provide a graduate student forum for the discussion of frontier research presented by a panel of leading scientists selected by our student body


  • To have experts from immunology and related disciplines discuss recent scientific advances and present on the current state and future of their fields
  • To have our student body select invited speakers based on their scientific, academic, and career interests
  • To create an environment conducive to the generation of new ideas, particularly to the application of fundamental principles from other disciplines to our own individual areas of research
  • To encourage and foster graduate student interaction with scientific leaders and experts in both professional and social settings
  • To provide a platform for established scientists and professors to discuss their past, present and future impressions of the state of academic science, translational research, clinical medicine and industry
  • To strengthen the immunology graduate student community in this country by providing a fun and creative atmosphere to network, establish connections and collaborations, and to share ideas at this formative stage of our careers
  • To host Yale Immunobiology alumni who are now leaders in the field to discuss their scientific trajectories and accomplishments
  • To promote Yale Immunobiology graduate student involvement with the greater scientific community
  • To highlight our presence, ideas, and scientific/academic goals to the Yale campus and the greater scientific community
  • To host a unique and fun scientific symposium and provide an enjoyable and memorable atmosphere for graduate students, faculty, and invited speakers


  • Rockefeller University

    Gabriel Victora
  • University of Pennsylvania

    Kellie Jurado
  • Rockefeller University

    Angelina Bilate
  • MIT Koch Institute

    Stefani Spranger
  • Cell

    Emma Yee
    Scientific Editor
  • National Institite of Health

    Yasmine Belkaid


Host Organization




Conferences and Symposia


Breakfast, Cocktails, and Lunch