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The Rita Wilson Seed Grant Fund in Support of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


InnovateHealth Yale (IHY) will award seed funding in amounts of $1,000 to $2,500 for innovative solutions which address a health or education challenge that disproportionately impacts low-income communities in the United States or low-resource countries.

The award is open to all Yale students and a team may include non-Yale students (the project leader must be a Yale student).

The winning teams must agree to submit an application for the larger InnovateHealth Yale prizes that take place in the spring during Start-Up Yale.

Criteria for the award will be stage of the venture, its potential impact and how it will be measured, scalability, team and collaborators, and how it will be sustained.

This funding application will open in early Fall 2020.

Click here to see past winners.

To learn more and get support with your venture, Schedule office hours with Fatema Basrai, Assistant Director of IHY.


Who can apply for this prize?
A current Yale student must be the team leader. Additional team members can be inside or outside of Yale.
What types of ventures are applicable for this prize?
Any student-led venture focused on creating a technological solution to address a health disparity in the United States is eligible to apply.
What regions should ventures be serving?
Ventures should be focused on communities within the United States.
Can I apply for both the Thorne prize and the Wilson prize?

If your venture fits both categories, you may apply for both. Reviewers and judges for both prizes are different and if selected, you will only be chosen as a finalist for one prize.

Thorne Wilson
Funding Amount: $25,000 Funding Amount: $10,000
Focus: Social Innovation in Health or Education Focus: Technological solutions to address health disparities
Region: Domestic and/or International Region: Domestic Only
How can I best prepare my application and receive feedback?
Schedule office hours with Fatema Basrai, Assistant Director of IHY.