Aetna Foundation Prize for Health Equity Innovation Seed Stage Grants

To apply for the Aetna Foundation Prize for Health Equity Innovation Seed Stage Grants, please complete this Application Form.
Please note:

  • You can save draft versions of the form before submitting
  • You will be asked to upload the resumes of your team in one PDF document
  • You will be asked to upload an excel budget
  • If you wish, you can also upload a video, and/or fill out the Business model canvas or Lean canvas to submit with your application. These are optional.

With the support of the Aetna Foundation, InnovateHealth Yale will award one $5,000 seed awards to develop technological solutions to address health challenges that disproportionately impact low-income communities in the United States. Solutions which employ mobile technology are actively encouraged, but the prize is open to any proposed improvement involving a technological solution.

Applications are open to Yale students as well as medical residents, post-docs, and junior faculty.
Winning teams must agree to compete in the $25,000 Thorne Prize for Social Innovation in Health or Education. Criteria for the awards will be stage of the venture, its potential impact and how it will be measured, scalability, team and collaborators, and how it will be sustained.

In addition to funding, Aetna Foundation Prize for Health Equity Innovation Seed Stage Grant recipients receive mentorship and guidance to help prepare for the $25,000 Aetna prize. In order to best assist our grantees moving forward, our application is designed to allow applicants to detail the areas in which they would benefit from advice or assistance.

As such, we ask that you reflect on the challenges you are facing and the weaknesses you perceive in your venture. Your application will be assessed based on the merits of your idea, while the rest of your application will be used to determine how to best assist your project if you are selected to receive a grant. 

Please complete all relevant information below by 11:59 PM, November 29, 2018. 

Thank you for your submission – and good luck! 

If you have any questions, please email