ATI - Riddhima

Riddhima Yadav attended the Women's Entrepreneurship Conference at the United Nations. Read more...

School of Management

Educating leaders who understand complexity within and among societies in an increasingly global world.

Center for Biomedical and Interventional Technology

An interdisciplinary initiative to foster greater innovation in medical technology.

Center for Engineering Innovation and Design

Empowers its members to improve human lives through the advancement of technology.

Office of Cooperative Research

Facilitates the translation of research from Yale’s labs into products and services that benefit society.

Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Provides a focal point for research, education, and outreach to advance business solutions for global environmental problems.

Yale Entreprenurial Institute

YEI is a university department that helps entrepreneurs and innovators at Yale start scalable new ventures with programs, workshops, events and funding.

Global Health at Yale

The Global Health Studies program is designed for students interested in understanding and addressing pressing global health challenges.