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  • Medical School Student-Poets

    One could argue that the poet and the physician are both interested in the same thing, that is the person, and his or her experience of being.

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  • On the Fine (and Difficult) Art of Science Writing

    That’s the essence of a good science writer: make it simple for readers to understand but not too simple that you’re misconstruing the facts. When I started out, some 30-plus years ago, I had just graduated from medical school and thought that all I needed to do was translate medical jargon ...

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  • “This institution was never meant for me”: the Impact of Institutional Historical Portraiture on Medical Students

    Many academic institutions are reexamining their relationship to historical artwork in shared or public spaces, and questioning the continued commemoration of figures who participated in and benefited from slavery, colonization, and the oppression of marginalized populations.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 This qualitative project examined how Yale School of Medicine (YSM) students responded to institutional portraiture at Sterling Hall of Medicine (SHM)–the flagship building on the medical school campus.

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  • Study examines impact of institutional portraiture on medical students

    A new research report published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine examines the significance of portraits displayed in the School of Medicine. The study, titled ""This institution was never meant for me': the Impact of Institutional Historical Portraiture on Medical Students," was co-authored by Elizabeth Fitzsousa, a third-year medical student, Nientara Anderson, a fourth-year medical student, and Anna Reisman, MD, associate professor of medicine (general medicine).

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  • An Army Veteran Comes to Terms With Not Having PTSD

    On Monday, the United States observed Memorial Day, a federal holiday that capped a three-day weekend of events honoring those who died in American military service. Each year, this weekend pushes into public view many rituals of respect, remembrance and grief — occasions when stories and photographs of people who died in uniform gain a brief purchase in the public discourse and when cemeteries where the recent war dead have been laid to rest are crowded with family members, lovers and friends.

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  • I’m a Veteran Without PTSD. I Used to Think Something Was Wrong With Me

    A few years ago, my husband, Chris, who survived four deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, was killed by an avalanche in Colorado. I am an Army veteran who was deployed to combat zones twice, in 2005 and 2008, without any serious lingering psychological ramifications. But I thought my husband’s death, that New Year’s Eve day, would be the final trigger for post-traumatic stress disorder; it would be what sent me over the edge.

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