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Megann Licskai

BA, MA, MPhil, PhD

Contact Information

Megann Licskai, BA, MA, MPhil, PhD


Megann Licskai completed her PhD work in the History of Science and Medicine at Yale in the Spring of 2022. She is now a Faculty Fellow at the University of King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she also received her undergraduate degree in Contemporary Studies and the History of Science.

Megann’s dissertation project, which she is adapting for publication, is titled “Pro-Life Science: the Production and Circulation of Reproductive Knowledge in North American Anti-Abortion Movements, 1968-2003.” The project historically examines the ways in which anti-abortion movements have used scientific and medical spaces, language, and technologies to make authority claims and to effect political change. More broadly, Megann is interested in histories of reproductive health; the ethics of doing history (medical and otherwise); changing forms of American conservatism; feminist science studies; and questions of life, death and personhood.

In addition to her research and teaching, Megann has spent time working for Yale’s Medical Historical Library and for a small health non-profit in her hometown of London, Ontario. Both roles reshaped her thinking about medical practices and ethics. When not working or consuming all kinds of popular and unpopular culture, Megann loves playing and singing along to her autoharp (although not especially well), cooking fun things (usually fairly well), spending too much money at local restaurants, burning candles, and spamming friends with weird stuff she finds while doomscrolling on Twitter.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    Yale University, History of Science, History of Medicine (2022)
  • MPhil
    Yale University, History of Science, History of Medicine (2019)
  • MA
    Yale University, History of Science, History of Medicine (2017)
  • BA
    The University of King's College, Contemporary Studies and the History of Science (2015)