Marco Ramos

Graduate Student


History of Medicine


Marco Antonio Ramos is a doctoral candidate and medical student in the History of Science and Medicine Program. Broadly, his research focuses on the production and circulation of scientific knowledge during the Cold War in the global South. He is especially interested in how scientific and health practices interacted with Cold War violence, grassroots activism, and ideological extremism and how the psychological sciences have been positioned today as a means for making sense of and “working through” memories of state-sponsored terror, particularly in Latin America. He is currently working on a dissertation that examines psychoanalysis, Marxism, and human rights in the Southern Cone during the late Cold War. His research is funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Social Sciences Research Council, and the MacMillan Center at Yale. His published material has appeared in historical and clinical journals, including the Bulletin of the History of Medicine and Lancet: Psychiatry.

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Marco Ramos