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New Frontiers in Obesity Research at Yale

March 06, 2024

Dean's Workshop

Within six years, obesity is projected to affect half of all Americans, according to recent research. However, newly emerging, highly effective treatments and new discoveries regarding the pathophysiology of obesity provide promise for combating this growing epidemic.

In this workshop investigators present their research on mechanisms of human obesity and the therapeutic impact of novel agents. They also discuss anti-obesity pharmacotherapy clinical trials and health equity and outcomes research initiatives.

The program is organized by Y-Weight (the Yale Obesity Research Center), directed by Ania Jastreboff, MD, PhD, an associate professor of medicine (endocrinology) and of pediatrics (pediatric endocrinology) and internationally recognized expert on the treatment of obesity.

The center was launched in 2023 to improve the lives of individuals living with obesity through cutting-edge research that facilitates novel treatment.

Submitted by Lena Smith Parker on May 11, 2024