Costing & Decision Support

Contact Information

Mark D'Agostino, Financial Analyst

  • Phone: 737-6298
  • Fax: 785-5397

Facilities and Administration Rate

  • Members of the university’s F&A rate calculation working group, participating in all aspects of the calculation of the university’s Facilities & Administrative Rate proposal and submission to DHHS.
  • Work with YSM department personnel and the YSM facilities department to review space for function coding, PI assignment and other required data elements.
  • Provide guidance, training and analysis to YSM departments for compliance with Federal costing regulations including service center costing, space functionalization and assignment of unallowable costs.

Space Costing and Recovery

  • Prepare YSM space costing analysis for budget and long term planning. Analyze YSM space investments vs. cost recoveries.
  • Research space policy: Responsible for monitoring the school’s research space policy. Prepare allocation of leased property expenses to sponsored awards for departments. FY11 Research Space Policy Memo 
  • Patient Care space policy: Prepare annual patient care room roster for clinical department space charges. Work with Yale Medical Group to prepare patient care space rate budget.
  • Assist departments with the annual space occupant update in the Space Inventory System (SIS) database.

Internal Service Providers (ISP)