RIF Deposits

Departments should deposit all cash and checks within 24 hours of receipt. Deposits must be made to the drop box or Cashier's Window at I-110 SHM.

  • All deposits must be made online through the RIF system.
    A RIF tracking slip must be bundled with all checks and cash to be deposited. All supporting documents must be sent to the appropriate location specified on the RIF screen.  For your convenience, supporting documents that are properly prepared and placed in labeled interdepartmental envelopes may be dropped off at I-110 SHM for courier service to Contribution Processing, the Medical School Development Office, Payroll, or Accounts Payable.
  • Traveler's checks are considered checks, not cash.
    Please include just the check itself without any attachments like check stubs, envelopes, etc. and please carefully remove any staples.
  • Depositing checks into the Medical School Suspense Account
    Please include check stubs and copies of all accompanying correspondence, along with a copy of the RIF tracking slip, a copy of the Enter Receipt screen, and a copy of the check.  This backup must be sent to the Cashier's Office (I-110 SHM) with the check.
  • Be sure to include the RIF number on the face of the check itself.
    All gift deposits must have entire PTAEO printed on check face. Please do not write in the lower right hand corner of the check.
  • Group checks that have the same charging instructions as VARIOUS.
    There are no restrictions on the size of the checks that can be deposited as VARIOUS to a non-gift account. Gift checks under $250 from non-corporate sources may also be grouped as VARIOUS.

Gift Deposits

Gift Deposits must be accompanied by 2 packets of backup documentation.  Each packet must contain:

  • Copy of the RIF tracking slip
  • Copy of the check with entire PTAEO printed on check face
  • Copy of the donor letter, if available, and
  • Copy of the acknowledgement letter on University letterhead. 

Each packet must be placed an interdepartmental envelope correctly addressed to:

Contribution Processing
157 Church Street

Medical School Development
157 Church Street