BOOST Cost & Request


Departments will be charged monthly via a JSA transaction for BOOST support provided during that month. This fee is debited on expenditure type 896000. The hourly rate is $71 per hour, inclusive of 38.5% fringe. This cost generally cannot be charged to sponsored grants and contracts as most sponsored awards do not permit the charging of administrative costs.


Departments are required to complete a  BOOST Support Request Form and submit it to:

A meeting will be set up with the requestor to discuss the request in further detail. Topics for discussion will include but are not limited to:

  • Why is there a gap? What are other options for getting the work done?
  • Confirm primary responsibilities and skills required
  • Position funding arrangements, if applicable
  • Department plan to fill resource gap, if applicable
  • BOOST staff location / desk
  • Amount of support (% of time) and support schedule
  • Duration of support
  • Department preparation for BOOST support (e.g. computer setup, work plan)