Can a faculty member be appointed as an Instructor for more than one year?

The allowable time in rank as an Instructor has been changed from a one-year nonrenewable term to a maximum of three one-year renewable terms.

How many years can a faculty member hold the rank of Assistant Professor?

The Assistant Professor rank can be held for a maximum of six years, except in the Clinician-Educator Track where the time served in rank is unlimited. That is the only track in which the Assistant Professor rank is offered. 

Are years spent at other institutions considered when determining the term for a new faculty member?

Up to three years spent in the ladder ranks at other institutions "count" in the total time served at Yale.  For example, if a new faculty member was an Assistant Professor at another institution for five years, three of those would be included in the total time served in a ladder rank.

What if a faculty member has an activity he/she would like included in the promotion packet, but it is not specifically addressed in the templates for the CV or the Description Activities?

Determine if the activity would be placed in the Teaching, Clinical or Research portion of the Description of Activities and create a subcategory under which to include the activity.

How do abstentions count in a faculty vote?

An abstention is not counted as a "no" vote, but it is included in the total of those present and eligible to vote. Consequently, an abstention does not aid in carrying the vote forward. For example, 7 yes-4 no- 4 abstain would not be an affirmative vote.

Who should a faculty member contact if he/she wishes to discuss a grievance concerning the process followed for promotion?

Linda Mayes, M.D., Special Advisor to the Dean, handles grievance issues. Contact her at 785-4683.

Can an individual with a research rank be considered for a ladder faculty appointment?

The research faculty member can be considered for appointment in the ladder ranks if he/she meets the criteria set for the rank being considered. Also, all new ladder faculty appointments, even if made from within the University, require an approved RFP and approved faculty search.

What is required to hire a Clinician?

An approved RFP and approved offer letter are required for this position.