LEED Projects

Since the completion of Sterling Hall of Medicine - C wing 3rd floor lab renovation project, Yale School of Medicine FACPC incorporates sustainability into all our projects using the LEED standard as a guide and as a means to benchmark our work. All comprehensive scope projects are required to meet LEED Gold certification level in accordance with Yale Design Standard Section 01352.

As of January 2010, five projects are completed and have earned gold certification in the LEED-CI program, three major projects are completed and awaiting determination of certification, and three are in design (all aiming for the gold level certification).

  • Sterling Hall of Medicine - C wing 3rd floor
  • Sterling Hall of Medicine - I wing 1st floor
  • Amistad Building
  • Brady Memorial Laboratory 2nd floor
  • Sterling Hall of Medicine -C wing 4th floor

Our smaller projects incorporate similar sustainable attributes without seeking LEED certification. We incorporate features that:

  • reduce water use
  • optimize energy performance
  • use materials with high recycled and rapidly renewable content, that are procured locally and are low emitting
  • employ construction methods that optimize indoor air quality
  • recycle demolition and construction waste