Representative Current Projects in Construction

as of January 2013

A-21 Digital & Conservation Core Phase 1
Project Manager: Christie Day

At West Campus, the former 462,000 square foot packaging and production facility for Bayer Pharmaceuticals has been renamed the Collections Study Center and will serve as home to Yale’s newly created Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage. Among the first renovation projects nearing completion for the Institute, the Digital & Conservation Core Phase 1 project will provide a key resource for the University’s museums and libraries.  The Digital Core occupies 5,800 square feet of high bay studio space for photography and three dimensional imaging of University collections. The 5,300 square foot Conservation Core includes faculty offices, conference room, and wet bench laboratories with Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) imaging lab and a constant environment chamber to support research on the qualities of pigments and materials found in historic works of art, ultimately leading to development of sound restoration techniques.

W-B31 3 Lab Renovation

Project Manager:  Wen Lin

Consistent with the core mission of West Campus, this 31,000 gross square foot renovation will create an open and collaborate research environment for the Cancer Biology Institute.  The renovation reorganizes the research space, from the existing divided configuration into two large lab modules with shared support spaces in the central zone.  The project will include clusters of faculty offices, conferencing rooms, microscopy suites, cold rooms, autoclave/glass wash room, and telecommunication room.


West Campus Conference Center

Building B-25

Project Manager:  Eric Overland

Several projects are underway to upgrade the facility.  At the first floor, the dining room is being enlarged and a folding partition installed so that the room can be divided into two private meeting rooms.  A new servery is being created, along with two casual cafes.  All spaces are being updated with new finishes and furnishings.  At the second floor, the former Beyer library area is being transformed into a lounge and additional meeting rooms.  The new meeting rooms will consist of a conference room, a multi-purpose room with AV capabilities, and second multi-purpose room with enhanced “distance learning” AV features.  The lounge will incorporate a separate game room.  Additionally, the previously open stairway between floors is being enclosed in order to support the additional number of occupants the second floor will now accommodate. 


W-OCN School of Nursing Renovation

Building C-32

Project Manager:  Reyhan Larimer

The Yale School of Nursing will relocate to West Campus in time to celebrate its 75th Anniversary of its founding in time for the school year 2013-2014.  The 77,000 square foot renovation of C28 building will provide a 120 person classroom on the garden level along with a medium sized classroom, small seminar rooms, simulation suite, exam rooms, and an assessment lab. The first floor will house a student activity space (HUB), a learning commons, student affairs offices, and three large classrooms, as well as the Biobehavioral program in the south wing.  The second and third floors will be devoted to faculty and administrative offices.  The south wing of the third floor will remain unoccupied. This renovation will also provide a new entry into the building which will be a welcoming marker for the new location of the Yale School of Nursing.