Department Administrator

The Department Administrator plays an important role in the progress of a project as the liaison between the Department and PM. Below are the responsibilities of the Department Administrator on a typical project:

  1. Needs to be able to state department’s needs on many issues.
  2. Acts as a filter for desired changes.
  3. Acts as interface with user faculty and staff on design issues.
  4. Serves as prime department contact regarding furniture selection.
  5. Helps manage expectations of users with respect to budget, scope and schedule.
  6. Coordinates the review of drawings within user department during the review periods and insures timely responses.
  7. Submits request for data network configuration services to ITS. Is responsible for coordinating, and working out all the details of data connectivity with ITS.
  8. Submits request for telephones activation to ITS. Provides to ITS list of users and desired numbers and locations, etc.
  9. Arranges installation of paper inserts into room signs installed by project in accordance with YSM Design Standards.
  10. Submits Request for Services to Facilities Operations for keying: Meets with locksmith to determine functions.

Prior to construction:

  1. Determines the location for storage of equipment that is to be saved for relocation to completed project area.
  2. Obtains safety clearances for the space to be renovated.
  3. Participates in the effort to find swing space.
  4. Coordinates moves to swing space if required and to the completed project area.