Before a construction project starts and through out its implementation the Project Manager notifies the people in the Yale School of Medicine community of the pending activities for their safety and to allow them to plan their work accordingly. Notification occurs as follows:

  • Initial Notification: During Design Development, a notification is distributed to all the adjacent users of pending construction. It is sent to the business managers of the departments that are next to, below, or above the proposed project.
  • Construction Notification: As the construction start date approaches a notification is sent out that indicates the date of construction start and the duration of construction activities. The notice will indicate what to expect as far as noise, dust, etc. If there will be asbestos abatement activities it will be indicated on the notice and describe the precautions that will be taken.
  • Community Meetings: Prior to construction start, a community meeting will be scheduled. The intent of the meeting is to inform all building occupants in the vicinity of the proposed construction of potential construction impacts.
  • Two Week Look Ahead. During the construction process the Constructor will submit a Two Week Look Ahead prior to every two-week period to the Project Manager who will review it and forward it to those departments impacted by the project.