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The Glaucoma Section is comprised of internationally respected physicians and research scientists. Drs. Christopher Teng and Ji Liu offer a complete range of services for patients with glaucoma and related diseases. With continued study to improve their understanding of the diagnosis and management of glaucoma, they offer the latest advances in treating the most difficult forms of glaucoma. Physicians provide consultation in the diagnosis and management of difficult glaucoma problems.

Physicians are fellowship trained and play a vital role in bringing into practice new modalities in diagnosing and treating these diseases. For example, this Section was the first in the region to introduce computerized perimetry and has recently obtained the Spectral Domain OCT and HRT3 for quantitative optic nerve head analysis.

The Section utilizes state-of-the-art instrumentation such as Octopus and Humphrey perimetry; UBM; Optical Coherence Tomography (Spectral Domain and Visante); Heidelberg Retinal Tomography; Topcon stereo fundus photography; and Argon, SLT, and Nd-YAG laser systems. The operating rooms have recently been renovated and contain advanced operating microscopes and an Alcon phacoemulsification system.

Special services offered include:

  • Cataract surgery: state-of-the-art sutureless techniques including phacoemulsification
  • Combined cataract and glaucoma surgery or cataract surgery in eyes with prior glaucoma surgery
  • Computerized and manual visual field assessment with custom programs
  • Confocal scanning laser optic nerve evaluation
  • Evaluation of glaucoma suspects
  • Gonio, slit lamp, and stereo fundus photography
  • Management of complicated glaucomas, including glaucoma implant surgery
  • Quantitative color vision assessment