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Yale Program for Medicine, Spirituality, & Religion: "Self-care and the Sabbath: A Guide for Carers"

Rabbi Dr. Michael (Nachi) Felt, PhD is a researcher who specializes in Self-care for Carers.

He is a psychologist for Yeshiva University, a rabbi at the Rabbinical Seminary of America, and lectures widely about anxiety, ADHD, and caring for carers. Dr. Felt is currently spearheading a collaborative and multidisciplinary initiative with Yale University and Yeshiva University, to encourage further education and effective practices of self care for carers. Dr. Felt has also developed and teaches a self care curriculum for doctors, therapists, and clergy. Dr. Felt's professional passion is to help helpers help better.


  • for Yeshiva University

    Rabbi Dr. Michael (Nachi) Felt, PhD
    Research Psychologist





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